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Плаћена пракса у P3! 

P3 организује плаћену праксу. Сјајна прилика да стекнеш знање, искуство и путујеш широм света.

A Student of Telecommunications?
Keen on edge technology and checking the latest smartphones?
Willing to upgrade and develop yourself?
Like traveling Europe wide?

Internship plan:
- 1-month paid internship (from mid June to mid July)
- 1-week training & ramp-up (the end of May & the beginning of June, 2019)
- Paid daily allowances for all travels, accommodation and fare tickets
- Traveling across Europe/World with a team of experienced Engineers
- Getting to know the latest technology
- Working on projects of testing the latest smartphones
- Doing your own tasks
- Possibility to become a Junior P3 employee

Deadline: May the 28th, 2019 by 3 p.m.

P3 is waiting for YOU. World's calling!

Use the following link to apply: